What are the Types of Ice Coolers on the Market?

Are you on a look-out for a decent quality cooler? It is good! But, you need to take care of the aspect that you don’t end up buying the incorrect type. Indeed, there are numerous kinds of coolers that are available on the market. Everything is solely dependent on your precise requirement and preference. Hence, today we have come up with a well-devoted article for the finest personal coolers, just in case you are interested to buy one. So, read on and get all the info that you need to make a smart decision.

Styrofoam cooler

In case you have a definite budget, you must reflect on purchasing the Styrofoam cooler. It’s moreover a decent option for a person who requires a cooler for a momentary purpose.

These types of coolers are solely the Styrofoam boxes that come along with a lid. Styrofoam is the kind of polystyrene insulation. Credits to the pack of air limited inside the material, the Styrofoam is a dreadful heat conductor. And this is the sole reason why several coolers make use of Styrofoam for the padding or insulation.

But making use of Styrofoam to craft out the cooler’s body is very different from utilizing it like insulation stuff. Owing to the air spaces, the material turns out to be really light. These types of coolers are light in weight and are less durable as compared to other types of coolers. You may solely pack those lightweight products inside any Styrofoam cooler.

Since these coolers aren’t that long-lasting, they are cheaper as compared to those plastic coolers.

Metal cooler

In case you are searching for the toughest and the most hard-wearing cooler in the marketplace, ensure that you buy a metal cooler. In actual fact, these types of coolers are the primary choice for those fishers or the hunters. Therefore, if you desire spending time on your holidays hunting the pheasants or slanting for fish, you are going to require a long-lasting cooler to support your interest.

There are several brands that provide you with the similar kind of design owing to which you might get confused. In fact, there are companies like Yeti and RTIC who have been muddled up in the RTIC vs Yeti lawsuit owing to the similar design and construction. However, coming to the interior of the cooler, which comes in interaction with the stored ice isn’t made up of metal. Metal is an outstanding heat conductor. A padding coating made out of low-conductivity stuff split up the metal casing from the food as well as the ice inside the cooler.

In case you have made up your mind on buying a metal cooler, ensure that you are ready to splurge more money in comparison to what you would with the other types of coolers. In addition, the metal coolers are really heavy, so you must avoid buying them if you desire to buy a lightweight cooler.

Plastic cooler

Plastic coolers are manufactured making use of strong molded plastic. In case you are searching for a robust, hard-wearing cooler, buy any plastic cooler. This sort of ice chests are generally outsized and are ideal for packing large quantity of foodstuff.

The lids that are used for covering these coolers are strong and insulated. They comprise of handles made up of plastic on both the sides to allow stress-free lifting. A few large coolers comprise of folding handles and wheels so that you might be able to roll them down with a lot of ease from one place to the other.

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